CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management.

Why is it different?

  • CompTIA PenTest+ is the most comprehensive exam covering all penetration testing stages. Unlike other penetration testing exams that only cover a portion of stages with essay questions and hands-on, PenTest+ uses both performance-based and knowledge-based questions to ensure all stages are addressed.
  • PenTest+ is the only exam on the market to include all aspects of vulnerability management. It not only covers hands-on vulnerability assessment, scanning, and analysis, but also includes planning, scoping, and managing weaknesses, not just exploiting them.
  • PenTest+ is the most current penetration testing exam covering the latest techniques against expanded attack surfaces. It is a unique exam that requires a candidate to demonstrate the most relevant pen testing skills for the cloud, hybrid environments, web applications, customized systems (IoT), and traditional on-premises.
  • Four people in a work meeting presentation.

    About the exam

    The new PenTest+ (PT0-002) exam will launch October 27, 2021!

    PenTest+ assesses the most up-to-date penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment and management skills necessary to determine the resiliency of the network against attacks. The CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam will verify successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Plan and scope a penetration testing engagement
  • Understand legal and compliance requirements
  • Perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing using appropriate tools and
  • techniques, and then analyze the results
  • Produce a written report containing proposed remediation techniques, effectively
  • communicate results to the management team, and provide practical recommendations
  • PenTest+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US DoD to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements. Regulators and government rely on ANSI accreditation, because it provides confidence and trust in the outputs of an accredited program. Over 2.3 million CompTIA ISO/ANSI-accredited exams have been delivered since January 1, 2011.

    What Skills Will You Learn?


    Planning and Scoping

    Includes updated techniques emphasizing governance, risk, and compliance concepts, scoping and organizational/customer requirements, and demonstrating an ethical hacking mindset.


    Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning

    Includes updated skills on performing vulnerability scanning and passive/active reconnaissance, vulnerability management, as well as analyzing the results of the reconnaissance exercise.


    Attacks and Exploits

    Includes updated approaches to expanded attack surfaces, researching social engineering techniques, performing network attacks, wireless attacks, application-based attacks and attacks on cloud technologies, and performing post-exploitation techniques.


    Reporting and Communication

    Expanded to focus on the importance of reporting and communication in an increased regulatory environment during the pen testing process through analyzing findings and recommending appropriate remediation within a report.


    Tools and Code Analysis

    Includes updated concepts of identifying scripts in various software deployments, analyzing a script or code sample, and explaining use cases of various tools used during the phases of a penetration test. It is important to note that no scripting and coding is required.

    Organizations that have contributed to the development of PenTest+


    Jobs that use CompTIA PenTest+

    Penetration Tester

    Security Consultant

    Cloud Penetration Tester

    Web App Penetration Tester

    Cloud Security Specialist

    Network & Security Specialist

    Exam Details

    Exam Code
    Launch Date
    July 31, 2018
    October 27, 2021 
    Exam Description
    The CompTIA PenTest+ certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope an assessment, understand legal and compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, analyze data, and effectively report and communicate results.
    The CompTIA PenTest+ will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope a penetration testing engagement including vulnerability scanning, understand legal and compliance requirements, analyze results, and produce a written report with remediation techniques. 
    Number of Questions
    Maximum of 85 questions
    Type of Questions
    Performance-based and multiple choice
    Length of Test
    165 minutes
    Passing Score
    750 (on a scale of 100-900)
    Recommended Experience
    Network+, Security+ or equivalent knowledge. Minimum of 3-4 years of hands-on information security or related experience. While there is no required prerequisite, PenTest+ is intended to follow CompTIA Security+ or equivalent experience and has a technical, hands-on focus.
    English and Japanese
    English, Japanese to follow 
    April, 2022
    Usually three years after launch 
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    Global cybercrime costs are expected to grow 15% over the next five years. Now more than ever, it is imperative that organizations prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Updates to PenTest+ reflect newer pen testing techniques for the latest attack surfaces, including the cloud, hybrid environments, and web applications, as well as more ethical hacking concepts, vulnerability scanning and code analysis.

    How Does CompTIA PenTest+ Compare?


    EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)
    Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
    Performance Based Questions

    Experience Level
    Intermediate / Advanced
    Exam Focus
    Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
    Penetration Testing
    Penetration Testing from a Business-value
    Real World-based with a Lab and submitted report
    Vendor Neutral

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    Information technology is an incredibly dynamic field, creating new opportunities and challenges every day. Participating in our Continuing Education program will enable you to stay current with new and evolving technologies and remain a sought-after IT and security expert.

    The CompTIA Continuing Education program
    Your CompTIA PenTest+ certification is good for three years from the date of your exam. The CE program allows you to extend your certification in three-year intervals through activities and training that relate to the content of your certification.

    It’s easy to renew
    You can participate in a number of activities and training programs, including higher certifications, to renew your CompTIA PenTest+ certification. Collect at least 60 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in three years and upload them to your certification account, and your CompTIA PenTest+ certification will automatically renew.

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